Sharon Saare Saddles

"The Leader in Custom Endurance Saddle Design since 1972"

Currently owned and operated by:

Randy Aldrich (605) 642-3337
PO BOX 151 St. Onge, SD 57779
118 Lois Street


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Sharon Saare Saddles

PO BOX 151

118 Lois Street

St. Onge, SD 57779

(605) 642-3337



Sharon Saare, on her way to winning Best Condition at the 102-Ranch 100 Miler, Sparks Nevada in 1970

Beware of Look-Alikes!

There are copies, imitations and wanabees.  Some representatives of other companies have achieved their most important wins on my equipment.  Even though they represent their equipment as the same, copies of anything rarely equal the original. 

Bottom Line...There is only one Sharon Saare Saddle Company


We have Fitters in many areas of the
US and in Switzerland

Please email or call for contact information